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वेबसाइट वर वधू-वर माहिती देताना कृपया फोटो सहितद्या. अधिक माहितीसाठी संपर्क - सुनील जाधव :- 9890677914 ( ),प्रशांत मंडले( +91 9588450297), अनिल भांडवलकर :- 9923232424 ( ), मल्हारी चव्हाण :- 8600858143 ( )

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City/Village :
Country :
Father's Native Place : trimetazidine idaptan
Education : Angina Pectoris
Gender : Male
Religon :
Caste : Ramoshi
Color : RESULTS FOR: vastarel vastarel
Weight : Angina Pectoris
Height : vastarel
Blood Group : O -
Date of Birth : 11-Nov-1989
Birth Time :
Birth Palce : vastarel
Sunsign :
Looking For :
Prior to my diagnosis of stable angina pectoris I suffered daily with what I thought was simply severe chest pain and heartburn. I went to my family doctor and he diagnosed me with stable angina. The tests showed that my heart was not receiving enough blood and oxygen to meet its needs. Once I started Vastarel my angina symptoms disappeared never to come back. It is amazing.


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